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Dedicated to improving the drinking water needs of all Canadians.

Hi everyone,

My name is Seng and I am the owner of SLT Trader Ltd licensed and authorized distributor for Qlife Products. I have been in the business of selling healthy water Ionizer and filtration products from Chanson Water Canada since 2010.

Qlife is our new line, It is a new line of products that our customers and I have been looking for. Long ago I already know that molecular Hydrogen is the key ingredient to alleviate lots of problems from arthritis to Parkinson, not only negative ORP or alkaline. I am proud to introduce Qlife Hydrogen Ionizer to the market as it meets and performs well beyond my expectation it produces more dissolved molecular hydrogen than most competition on the market. Qlife uses SPE or PEM technology, the best in producing dissolve Hydrogen in water. Please contact us to visit Qlife Canada store, sells and ships the Qlife products across Canada, BC V6X 1T2 call us      1888-666-0837

QlifeCanada is licensed to SLT Trader Ltd., a Canadian owned and incorporated company. Visit our retail store for more water health products including Chanson water Canada.

To all of you, from all of us – Thank you and Cheers to Healthy Living!
Seng Tan

SLT  Trader Ltd. Dba Qlife Canada