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New for 2019 QLIFE H2WELL is a bigger 2x compare to the Q Cup. It also has added new feature a dual timer, 6 and 10 minutes. Exclusive Platinium coated ion membrane for MAX molecular Hydrogen


H2WELL, Your Bigger hydrogen water maker. Go Green Do your part, no more unnecessary $3.00 plastic landfill waste Hydrogen water packs. H2WELL Infuses any drinkable water with dissolved hydrogen & antioxidants helping fight harmful free radicals, prevent oxidative stress, & may help against illness and diseases.

Free Radicals Damage Healthy Cells

Research reveals that uncontrolled free radicals in our bodies cause various diseases, cancers, and even accelerate aging. These dangerous molecules will steal electrons from our healthy cells, mutating & damaging our cells. As we accumulate damaged cells in our bodies we develop sickness, disease, & age.

Stop Free Radicals, Stop Oxidation

Our bodies develop free radicals due to stress, pollution, unhealthy diets & poor lifestyle choices. Learning to neutralize and balance our bodies free radicals are key to keeping our bodies healthy.

Seek & Destroy Free Radicals with Hydrogen

Dissolved Hydrogen molecules seek out the most harmful free radicals in our bodies and neutralize them before they can do more damage to our cells. The H2 gives donates an electron and bonds with the free radical to create a molecule our bodies need H20 or Water.

Feel Young Again

Studies have shown over time that drinking hydrogen-rich water can help you recover faster, look younger, aid weight control, & feel great. Drinking molecular hydrogen water daily will help you recover faster after workouts & maximize physical endurance but also improve memory & sleep quality.

Improve Immune System


Drinking 2-3 Liters H2 rich water a day is like eating plates of superfoods. Keeping energy levels high and your immune system strong. Imagine drinking H2 water while eating well at the same time, can do for your health?

EX-PEM Technology Superior Hydrogen 

PEM or SPE technology removes any residual chlorine or ozone from the hydrogen generation process. H2WELL first to have the technology to produce H2 and Ozone Enrich water. THAT  PROVES our PEM / SPE works. Canada has long required plastic to be BPA free. Our exclusive Platinium coated ion membrane ion for Maximum Hydrogen.

Features include a world travel plug for 100-240V, it is also small enough to carry around. Charging prongs for better electrolyze process, with missed-match cut-out and direction indicators. Pressure relieve and a spout. Large Jug 800ml capacity. Touch sensors with a 6 and 10 minutes processing time. And Qlife Famous EDC for self-clean and also making sanitizing liquid 

 ON SALE $560.00