Citric acid Cleaner


Citric acid cleaner Powder 500 grams. Great Product to maintain your Qlife Products

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Product Description

Citric Acid Cleaner

Great product to remove the mineral deposit for all your Qlife Products. It is a must in order to maintain  the effectiveness of your Q Cup and Q Spa to produce maximum Molecular Hydrogen H2 . It is recommended in your user manual to clean it ever so often.

The citric acid powder is not only great for your Qlife Products it is also a great cleaner for removing Lime Rust and Scales deposit. ex: coffee machine, hot water pot, shower head and many more

Total weight: 500 grams

How To Use :

To use this product: Mix 200 ml of warm water under 40C  ( preferably R.O or Distill Water) with 1 tablespoon of citric acid. And let it soak for 30 min -1 hr. For smaller amount use half citric acid and water.

Remember to rinse it well with 4-5 times of water to remove all citric acid solution.