New H2Blue eco formula 10 mL

  • Non-Flammable Solvent 
  • New No-Mess Spout 
  • ​Same Great Performance 
  • each order includes 1 x 10 ml H2Blue Hydrogen reagent and 1 beaker 

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Product Description

Great way to measure H2 dissolve in the water by any Qlife Hydrogen water generator or any other Hydrogen water producing machine like the Chanson Alkaline water ionizers, Hydrogen Sticks, or any Hydrogen water generating device. If you are not sure Contact us and we can help you.

H2Blue Eco Measure the Concentration of Dissolved Hydrogen Gas (H2) in Water in mg/L or ppm.

1 drop is = 0.1ppm of dissolve Hor 10 drops = 1ppm of  H

Ensure that the device is maintained properly by testing it monthly after your citric acid clean.

Accurately test Hlevel in water with pH 2-10

1 x 10ml bottle = Approx 325 dops

How to use H2Blue please click on the following link to the Mfg webpage (third party)  https://www.h2sciencesinc.com/how-to-use-h2blue.html