Qlife H2KEEP


Qlife H2 KEEP Stainless Steel Water Bottle I Vacuum Insulated I Designed to Store Molecular HYDROGEN Water, Superior Powder Coating, Keeps Hot & Cold Water, Double Walled T304 Stainless Steel, Leak-Proof, 500ml/17 oz

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Product Description

Qlife H2 KEEP Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  •  Vacuum Insulated 
  • Keeps Hot & Cold Water
  • size: 500ml/17 oz 
  • Exclusively Designed to Store Molecular Hydrogen Water or Alkaline Water, up to 4 times longer than normal containers, providing the more fresh and healthiest hydrogen-rich water everywhere you go
  • Built with High-Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel, Grade T 304. BPA-free & toxic-free. Double Walled insulated stainless Steel.
  • Special Powder Coating technology finish for scratch-resistant, super durable, and superior Hydrogen and alkaline water-storing performance

  • Highly Polished screw thread giving you the most smooth mouthpiece, with a leak-proof lid.
  • Able to store Cold drinks up to 24 hours and Hot up to 12 hours. It is perfect to make cold hydrogen-rich water and store it with the H2 Keep to go anywhere
  • NOTE: This item does not make Hydrogen water